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Restaurant, Sauna, Massage and Girls, Girls, Girls ...

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K5 Relax Club

Within 4 floors above the roofs of Prague, everyone will find what he is looking for. This was our aim from the very beginning - an oasis of entertainment and relaxation, directly in the center of the Golden City. Decide for yourself how we are doing.


All together 16 individual rooms, which does not make the choice in any way easy - enjoy rooms on the 4th floor with different styles, where you could feel yourself in the Knight's room as a knight, in the Roman as an emperor, in the oriental as a patriarch, in the 19th century room as a nobleman, in the cosmic room as an astronaut or visit in igloo a land of ice and snow ... It definitely will blow your imaginations! Here are pictures of some of them:

Old Rome

Space Room

1001 Nights


The Lord´s Room

The Knight´s Room